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Our Residential Lettings Service is available to owners wishing to receive a bespoke quality service, with a view to letting their property and optimising rental income. We guarantee services that closely match our clients’ expectations in order to ensure the sustainability and profitability of their assets.

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Renting in 6 steps

On your behalf, DBS Group manages the key steps of letting your property, thanks to its knowledge and bespoke services.

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Estimating the rental value of your property

We will inspect your property and analyse its potential with a view to providing you with an estimate of its rental value.

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DBS Group offers 3 types of contract:

– Management Contract
– Development Contract
– Unpaid Rent Guarantee Contract.

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You will be offered a rental strategy in collaboration with our Marketing Department. We will look for the most appropriate solutions to ensure that your property receives optimum visibility.

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Inspections and follow-up of your tenants

We will carry out inspections on your behalf with those interested in renting your property and will follow up the application paperwork.

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Creating and analysing an applicant file

Security guarantee. We will analyse the creditworthiness of the interested parties and draw up a shortlist of the best applicants

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Rent your property

The last step in renting your property. We will draw up the tenancy agreement and ensure that each new tenant is covered by third-party insurance and a security deposit.

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