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Property Development

Do you want to

  • Build on a new site?
  • Refurbish, convert or increase the capacity of a building?
  • Convert a commercial property into a residential building?
  • Sell your land at the best price?
  • Ensure the commercial success of your promotion?

We bring you

Our Property Development Department, working in property promotion, providing you with support for your project, from the design stage to marketing and operation. Whether you’re working towards an end sale (investor, condominium) or retaining the property as part of your assets, our teams are made up of specialists with thorough experience working with top-level partners. They offer you support tailor-made to meet your needs and goals.

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Process of evaluating your property:

1. Real estate market research

Analysis by our experts of the market in which your project is to be developed

  • The location and its surrounding area
  • The development of the demographic structure
  • The local and regional economic development and transport links
  • The competitor’s property market and the product meeting the users’ expectations
  • The tax position

This first step allows us to determine:

  • The target-clientele (tenants/owners and/or users)
  • The optimum product (housing and/or commercial premises)
  • The ideal layout (types of apartment, commercial premises requirement)
  • Modern equipment and environmental measures
  • The average rental and/or sale prices
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2. Feasibility study

After having identified the determining factors of our market analysis, the viability and profitability of your project is checked by performing a feasibility study:

  • Analysis of the construction potential according to existing regulations and taking into account any constraints connected with the built environment
  • Identification of the risks and factors that would determine the success of the project
  • Preparing a financial analysis reflecting the cost price of the operation and the projected profit
  • Funding

3. Real estate project management

The final phase involves planning and managing the overall development of the property. We will relieve you of the burden of coordinating the various stakeholders and the administrative constraints such as

  • Real estate management (form of ownership, structure and conditions of purchase)
  • Legal, fiscal and financial set-up of the property transaction
  • Establishing and guiding the team of agents (architect, engineers, surveyors, notaries, builders)
  • Coordinating and obtaining a building permit
  • Controlling and monitoring from the execution phase until handover
  • Preparing the marketing campaign and checking all of the contractual and legal documents (reservation contract, deed of sale, contract for construction work, building description, etc.)
  • Devising the overall sales strategy (digital marketing tools, communication plan, marketing campaigns and events).

DBS Group takes care of your entire project: we guarantee quality control – cost – property development deadlines, filing the building permit while monitoring construction, arranging handover and marketing. Thanks to the meetings and regular progress reports provided, you can be assured of total transparency as regards the actions performed.

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