Neighbourhood Management

Help to design a neighbourhood

When designing and building a neighbourhood, the challenge for investors, architects, builders and landscape designers is to create a neighbourhood that offers a homogenous urban and environmental concept. Facilitim, with its vast experience in the management of complex neighbourhoods, offers support to the different stakeholders during this phase of designing and building a neighbourhood.


The operation of a neighbourhood involves managing it on a daily basis and acting as a sole on-site contact point. Among other things, we provide you with an on-site presence during specific hours, general surveillance of the neighbourhood, updates of regulations and directives, coordination of all the interventions within the neighbourhood and waste management.

  • General management of the neighbourhood
  • Operational management of the neighbourhood
  • Personal Services

Service center

Facilitim will set up and manage a service centre in each neighbourhood. The service centre is designed to be a local community centre available to the neighbourhood’s residents for all sorts of events.

The service centre will become the central hub for all activities linked to neighbourhood life and will include, for example:

  • an information centre
  • a party venue
  • a meeting place for residents’ associations
  • workshops

Personal services

In order to make everyday life easier, Facilitim arranges and provides services based on the specific needs of its clients. Services such as cleaning the apartments, ironing and dry-cleaning can be provided.

Management of jointly-owned properties

In complex neighbourhoods, Facilitim offers an optional service that consists in administration and accounting for a community of owners in the same district. Based on the same principle as Condominium management.

What we offer:

  • Administration of the communal parts of the co-owned property
  • Setting the annual budget
  • Keeping the accounts
  • Compiling a management report
  • Organising and holding an annual general meeting
  • Dividing the expenses and invoicing the co-owners
  • Year-end accounts