Our estate agents Domicim, Brolliet, Duc & Sarrasin, Gribi, Guinnard Immobilier & Tourisme and Bruchez & Gaillard specialise in, amongst other things, the administration of co-ownership properties and condominiums. Our agents undertake the full management of your condominium, including the technical, administrative, legal and financial aspects.

Due to an infrastructure and programme tailored to the management of condominiums, as well as our thorough knowledge of the laws that apply to your region, DBS Group can offer you the following services:

Administrative management

  • Convening and holding the General Meeting of Co-owners
  • Preparing the minutes of the meeting
  • Managing sundry correspondence
  • Mediating between co-owners
  • Checking and applying the resolutions passed at the meeting and ensuring that they comply with administrative regulations
  • Providing legal support to handle disputes
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Technical management

  • Monitoring the condition of the building and communal areas
  • Supervising works and planning major refurbishments
  • Handling claims and monitoring insurance policies
  • Obtaining quotes
  • Filing permits
  • Appointing a caretaker and defining his duties
  • Monitoring the caretaker
  • Keeping to budgets
  • Managing insurance and maintenance contracts

Financial management

  • Invoice management and payment
  • Bank account management
  • Drafting of annual accounts and audits
  • Drafting of breakdowns of charges for co-owners according to legal allocation keys
  • Answers to questions from auditors
  • Dispatch of financial news to co-owners and payment checks
  • Follow up of disputes and recovery proceedings
  • Caretakers' payroll management
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