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Discover our 11 agencies located near the Swiss resorts. Our property experts cover the perimeter of the Alps, the Prealps and the Jura Mountains and can help you to find you your ideal mountain property.

Our real estate services and Know-how

At DBS Group we are committed to offering you a bespoke experience suited to your needs. Our property experts will take on your project to sell, purchase or rent an apartment or chalet.
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Apartments and chalets to sell

We will help you search for a property, define your needs and offer you a wide selection of mountain chalets, houses , studios and apartment for sale
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Apartments and chalets to rent

Discover our selection of properties to rent near your favourite resorts: chalets, studios and apartments
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Sell apartments and chalets

We will help you through all the stages of your sale project, from evaluation through to negotiation with the buyers and finalizing the sale
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Estimate and Valuation of your property

To find out and set the value of your property, we offer a free estimate provided by our experts
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Property Projects

Would you like to begin a new property project? We will help you to research the market, carry out a feasibility study and follow-up all the aspects


With its vast experience and presence near the Swiss mountains of many years’ standing, DBS Group Montagne will support and advise you in your search for properties to rent or buy. Villa, apartment, studio or chalet, our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the best mountain destinations and offer you a bespoke service suited to your needs. We will also help you sell your own property.

Take advantage of our mountain property expertise to complete your project.

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Are you seeking to sell, buy or rent an apartment or chalet? Do you want to be based at the heart of the Swiss Alps, Prealps and Jura Mountains to make the most of the surrounding ski resorts?

Our specialists are there to help you through your property project. Contact our agents to make an appointment.