Operational Director Franch-speaking Switzerland

Yves-Marie Maître

Yves-Marie Maitre joined the Group in 2017, initially as Director of Brolliet SA then, since 2020, he has filled the post of Operational Director of drench-speaking Switzerland.

His academic career boasts a Federal Certificate of Proficiency (CFC), knowledge acquired at the Lausanne Business School, a Management Employee Certificate and a Swiss Federal Diploma in Property Management. As for his work experience, Yves-Marie Maître brings 20 years’ experience to the table, making him an expert in the property market of French-speaking Switzerland.

Having taken his first steps in the field as a multi-skilled employee, he then occupied the posts of Manager of the Heating Department, committee member of an SEC, Condominium Portfolio Manager, Director of Co-owned Properties Department and Commercial Director. He is very committed to training and also fills the role of expert at the CSEEI (Swiss Board of Real Estate Economy Examinations).

His experience, keen mind and tenacious character make Yves-Marie Maître a brilliant director who embodies leadership. He is very mindful of his teams and the needs of his customers, ensuring that he is always available, ready to listen and come up with creative and ingenious solutions.