Transactions Director for French-speaking Switzerland

Vincent Collet

Vincent Collet took his first steps in the Group in 2012, as Deputy Director responsible for the Aigle, Leysin, Monthey and Chablais agencies. In 2017, his role as Deputy Director extended to the whole Chablais-Valais region with a specialisation in the sales sector. Then, in 2020, he joined the Management Committee of DBS Group in his capacity as Director of Sales for French-speaking Switzerland.

After obtaining his Federal Certificate of Proficiency (CFC) as a Business Employee in Property, Vincent Collet occupied several posts in this field. Firstly as a Manager then as an Agency Director and Director of Services. Through his experience, Vincent Collet has been able to create and support the growth of an agency, he has also been the instigator of several development projects, both in management and in condominium administration and estate brokerage. Having developed throughout his career in this field, he is an established specialist and skilled negotiator with his finger on the pulse of the various Swiss markets.

Brimming with ideas and resources to develop the Group’s transactional business, Vincent Collet is a dedicated leader with respect both to customers and staff. Although the market is often unstable, thanks to his experience he knows how to maintain robust stability and a high-quality enlightened service.