Operational Director German-speaking Switzerland

Paul-Henri Guinand

Paul-Henri Guinand joined the Group in 2020 as CEO at GRIBI. He is also member of the Board of Directors and became the Operational Director of German-speaking Switzerland.

After obtaining his Law Degree from the University of Lausanne, Paul-Henri Guinan first practised as a lawyer. In 1985, he had his first experience in the field of property as Manager of the legal department of a management company. He then filled several managerial positions including Condominium Administration Manager, Management Director and Branch, Team and Portfolio Manager in some major companies.

Paul-Henri Guinand now gives the benefit of more than 35 years managerial experience to the Group and teams that he manages. Having worked in different regions throughout Switzerland, his knowledge of the market and his expertise represent significant added value for a rapidly expanding group like DBS Group.