Works & Services Director for French-speaking Switzerland, Batiline and Facilitim

Patrick Buffoni

Patrick Buffoni joined the Group in September 2019 to take up the post of Manager of Batiline SA and Travaux Groupe DBS. Strenghtened by his vast experience, in January 202 he also took on the directorship of Faciltim Sàrl and joined the Management Committee at the same time in his capacity as Director of Batiline, Facilitim and Réalisation Groupe in French-speaking Switzerland.

After obtaining a Federal Certificate of Proficiency as a Building Draughtsman and 3 years at Geneva Technical College, Patrick enhanced his academic career by obtaining a Degree in Business Management and a Certificate for using and compiling EPIQR -EPIQR+ reports and an Expert’s Certificate in the planning and supervision of an asbestos-removal site in a containment area.

Patrick Buffoni puts his 43 years of experience in the field of architecture and building at the disposal of the clients, the company and the staff. Truly passionate about his job, his goal is to win the confidence and satisfaction of the clients by performing high-quality work supported by seasoned advice as well as promote the development of staff through specific and complex projects.

For over 20 years, Patrick Buffoni has filled various positions such as Key Account Manager Swiss Project Pool in construction, Deputy Director of a firm of architects, Vice Director of a large real estate company and has also been a member of the Management Committe of a large multinational. His career, following a path rich in the fields that he manages today, makes him an experienced manager with many skills and innovative ideas aimed at developing the brands under his charge. A market expert, always listening to his customers, Patrick introduces new projects every day and actively participates in creating strong synergies between all the other services within the Group.