Christophe Hubschmid

In 2017, Christophe Hubschmid held his first position at DBS Group as CFO, then COO. In 2019, after having in a very short time brought many important projects to a successful conclusion, he became the Group’s CEO.

Holding a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a Degree from the Lausanne Business School, Christophe Hubschmid’s has a managerial career of over 20 years under his belt, featuring the management of national and international companies.

Starting out as a consultant in an international consultancy firm, he then headed companies in the fields of logistics, IT, pharma, banking/insurance and property, as well as an international sports federation.

His leadership skills in the management of change and innovation are associated with his in-depth knowledge of IT, finance and operational processes and aspects. He also teaches Management in various university settings.