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Human beings at the heart of our values

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The Group is heavily committed to the development of its staff by offering training so they can develop and progress through personalised career plans. No less than 8% of its employees have achieved internal promotion this year and, each year, 30% attend an academic course.

Moreover, in order to provide all of the tools needed to develop its talents, DBS Group has opened its own school, the DBS Academy. The school offers courses combining technical, methodological and social skills that will support the staff and management throughout their career and guarantee our clients top quality services.

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DBS Group - Switzerland

DBS Group

The Group numbers over 700 staff, around forty branches and represents 12 brands throughout Switzerland with DBS Group, Domicim, Brolliet, Duc-Sarrasin, Guinnard Immobilier & Tourisme, Bruchez & Gaillard, Batiline, Facilitim and Immosure in French-speaking Switzerland and in German-speaking Switzerland the brands GRIBI, contrust immobilien ag as well as new the brand IntercityGribi dedicated to the property management

DBS Group is also a key player among real estate professionals. We hold two types of events each year:

Les Spécialistes de l’immobilier,

which brings together all of the real estate professionals in one region to attend various conferences on a chosen theme, followed by a cocktail party.

L’Observatoire de l’immobilier,

held this year for the first time, is a business lunch that takes place each month in a small group and enables the major real estate professionals to network and enrich discussions about the issues of the day and real estate professions.

DBS Group, a 360° service

for our professional clients

The Management Committee

DBS Group is headed by Christophe Hubschmid as CEO.
The Management Committee of DBS Group is made up of:
Dbs Group Yves Marie Maitre

Yves-Marie Maitre

Operational Director French-speaking Switzerland
Dbs Group Paul Henri Guinand

Paul-Henri Guinand

Operational Director German-speaking Switzerland
Frank Kerschen

Frank Kerschen


Board of Directors

Philippe Salle

Chairman, CEO of Emeria (previously Foncia Groupe)

Antoine Grenier

Board member, CFO of Emeria (previously Foncia Groupe)

Christophe Hubschmid

Board member, CEO of DBS Group